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Promenading Tel Aviv

November 18, 2010

Tel Aviv is not the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to–far from it.  But what makes it so fascinating is the vibrancy and yet laid-back feeling that permeates the city.  It’s a young city – only 100 years old – so you find a lot of new construction but also a lot of run-down buildings.  While everyone speaks English, there is surprisingly little signage in English, street signage aside.  Go into most cafés with board menus and it’s almost all Hebrew.  You can ask and find out in English, but a little advance info on what they are serving would help.  That said, Tel Aviv is a great walking city with great beaches:

Having recovered from one bout of sunburn in the Cook Islands, I decided to forgo beach time, but have walked the promenade from one end (Tel Aviv port) to the other (Jaffa).  Yes, you can walk the length of the city along the beach promenade.  Along the way you will find beach restaurants, a large park, and lots of people.  People sitting and kibitzing, biking, walking, and jogging.  While cities like Sydney, you see a lot of young people, here there is a mix of the young and the old, giving Tel Aviv so much character.

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  • Reply Martha November 28, 2010 at 3:34 am

    kibitzing … nice use of Yiddish there. not sure if this is the first Yiddish in the blog so far, but if it is, how funny that it's from one of your first blog entries from Israel.

  • Reply Michael November 28, 2010 at 9:17 am

    It may be the first and only Yiddish word–can't remember. That is, until I post about the schmucks in Athens!

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