Why Words Matter

Words are a part of everyday life, from the moment we wake up and listen to the news, catch up on our favorite blogs, read a few tweets. Ah, and as if Twitter isn’t one of the best examples of how words matter, given the number of mea culpas that have resulted from misguided tweets.

Words make us laugh, make us cry. And words tell a story.

Whether that story is for entertainment purposes or to sell your business’ services or products–how that story is told matters. It matters a lot. That story needs to be engaging, creative, thought-provoking, and honest.

Cut out the wordsmith from the process and you do yourself a disservice. Your website can look pretty and slick. Why not, you paid for it. But if the message isn’t there, doesn’t capture an audience’s or a prospect’s attention, then it was all for naught.

Likewise, you spent hours and hours writing that next great screenplay. You spent a couple hundred dollars on software. You shut yourself away from the world. Yet, you don’t know if your work is good or not. Someone with experience with words and storytelling can make the effort more than worth the time.

When you travel to a new destination, the stories you read to help make you decide where your hard-earned money and precious little free time should be spent.

Words. They forge a trust, a bond, a special relationship. After all, how long do you spend looking for the perfect greeting card. It’s not the image on the front but the words in the card that matter.

I love words. I love stories. Whether it’s for entertainment and screenwriting or playwriting or whether it’s copywriting and web content. I’ve had produced and optioned screenplays. I’ve won writing contests. I’ve increased sales through my copywriting. I’ve taught and critiqued others’ writing. I can do the same for you. And the great thing about being a nomadic writer is I can work for you from anywhere in the world.

My words are valuable because I’m great at it. Isn’t that all that matters to you?


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