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Pak Chiang Mai

November 6, 2010

It was like waiting to exhale.  Arriving in Chiang Mai was a welcome break from the chaos of Bangkok.  Much more serene and manageable, Chiang Mai was cooler (or, at least not humid so very comfortable in the shade) and a more pleasant way to experience Thai culture.

I arrived at Pak Chiang Mai, more of a bed and breakfast than a hotel and located in the Old City.  You walk in to the courtyard area and immediately, the zen and tranquility sets in.  Greenery and a water fountain and quiet greet you.  The people there are warm and friendly and you feel at home right away.  There is a reason why they are ranked #1 for Chiang Mai B&Bs and #1 for B&Bs in all of Asia on Trip Advisor and this is it.  If you ever get to Chiang Mai and don’t want to stay in a cold hotel, stay here.  And it’s only about $65 a night for a standard room, which is spacious, and includes breakfast and wifi.

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