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Mass Exit

October 27, 2010

With the great weather yesterday, it was time to finally time to see the most iconic symbol of the city, the Sydney Opera House.  As always, I prefer to walk because I love to discover places along the way.  And this was a pretty healthy walk.  In fact, I walked from the loft to Sydney Harbour to the Rocks, up and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the other side and all the way back again.  Wish I had a pedometer to measure it.  Along the way to the Harbour was St. Mary’s Cathedral, a beautiful cathedral in the center of the city.  The doors were open so I walked in.  Little did I know that a mass had just started–it was around 1PM.  I had to figure out a much more graceful exit than was my entrance.  Forget that.  Head down, exit straight ahead.  Here are some shots of the area:

Garden as part of Art and About city Art project

St. Mary’s

Gov’t Building

Monument to the Great Irish Famine

Public Library

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