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December 30, 2010

Throughout the course of this trip, I have flown many airlines. The one constant is that none of them were US domestic airlines. Even the United flight I booked from Madrid back to the states was operated by Aer Lingus. Only the short commuter flight from DC to Philly was on United, but that was a 24 minute flight. Hardly much time to screw up.

Way back, I had blogged that Air Tran had already changed the time of my flight back to LA, pushing it later. Little did I know that when I called to verbally accept the change to the 5:16PM flight from Philly to Atlanta, that the moron on the phone had rebooked me on an even later flight by mistake, at 7:03PM, thus giving me a whopping 35 minutes to change planes in Atlanta, one of the nation’s busiest airports. I only realized this when I logged onto Air Tran’s site to check the flight information.

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a flight from Philly that late in the day that actually left on time. And I don’t know how they accept 35 minutes between flights as an acceptable timeframe. But a call to Air Tran customer service (can we even call airlines support lines “customer service?”) resulted in nothing but frustration as I was told there were no seats on the flight I thought I was on and that should I miss the connecting flight, I would be placed on the “next available flight.” Of course we are talking about winter and the holidays. Something tells me the next available flight will not be the next flight. ¬†Here’s hoping my 84 day trip doesn’t suddenly become an 86 day trip with an excursion to Atlanta. Gah! Domestic airlines are the absolute worst.

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