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Around Madrid

December 16, 2010

Madrid is definitely a world-class city with gorgeous buildings, art and sculpture everywhere and museums at every turn. One thing it is not. It’s not Barcelona. I definitely liked Madrid a lot but at this point in the trip I would have preferred a smaller city and much less people. I didn’t quite feel the warmth and friendliness in Madrid that I felt in Barcelona. That said, there is plenty to see and do. For example, the Museo del Prado is an awesome art museum that is hard to do in one day. Took me 4 hours to do one floor (using an audio guide, which makes the visit longer). As much as I would have loved to see the rest of the exhibit (and this is just the permanent exhibit and not the special ones like the Renoir exhibition), I am museum-ed out. It’s not as big as the Louvre, but is still impressive in size and scope of collection. I never used the Metro because I bought a two-day hop-on hop-off bus ticket, which stopped at most of the prime locations. Really recommend it for a good way to see the lay of the land.

Street my hotel is located
Metropolis Building
Palacio de Comunicaciones
Cibeles Fountain
Puerta Acala
Torre Colón
Tio Pepe – Plaza del Sol
Royal Palace
Palace Garden
Museo del Prado

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