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An Open Letter to Spanish Air Controllers

December 4, 2010

Dear Spanish Air Controllers,

First, thanks for the extra day in Athens.  I was so looking forward to it.  Really.  A few days ago it was the Greek ferry workers and now it’s you.  Just great.

A few things you should consider. Your strike is illegal. I have two words for you. Ronald Reagan. Remember what he did back in the 80s when the air traffic controllers struck illegally? Maybe you were too young and were partying in Ibiza. Let me jog your memory. They are no longer air traffic controllers.

But the bigger issue is, the Spain unemployment rate? It’s like freaking 20 percent. 20 percent! One-fifth of your countrymen are trying to find work. Your beef? Your allotted working hours for the year have been met and you’re a little pissy the government wants to cut back on overtime so you don’t pull in nearly a half mil a year, something like 15 times the average salary in Spain. Despite the fact the government is trying to work out a solution, ONE FIFTH of your fellow countrymen would love to have your dilemma. Stop being crybabies and stomping your collective socialist feet! You are hurting your country because people can’t come and go. Tourism dollars are lost. Restaurants are hurt. Retail is hurt. All at the busiest time of the year. Remember that when you follow Greece and probably Ireland into a bailout.

Now suck it up and let me the hell out of Athens!

Yours truly,

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  • Reply jdubz December 9, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    as it's may become obvious, i'm catching up on your writing (reading from bottom up) and love the 'open letters'
    you have found your voice!
    (not that you had lost it)

  • Reply Michael December 10, 2010 at 1:59 am

    Thanks, jw!

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