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A Word About Airport Security

November 27, 2010

With all the commotion going on back in the States over airport security and the full body scans and invasive pat downs, one has to experience airport security at Ben Gurion airport to see how real, professional security operates.

Rather than rude TSA agents with little training, you get a sense that airport security in Tel Aviv are experts and work in a professional manner. There’s a reason why no incidents on flights from Israel have occurred.

You are screened with questions. Then your bags are run through a scanner. If anything seems questionable, next is a manual hand search of your bags. Then possibly having your bags run through the scanner again. You go through several layers of passport screening. And then you are through. With the exception of a hiccup when one of the baggage screening machines went down for a few minutes, the process was orderly and surprisingly quick. No removing shoes. No removing belts. No pat downs. No body scans.

There is no political correctness with Israeli security. If you fit a profile or answer a question in a way they don’t like, you are screened further. What’s going on in the USA is ridiculous because they refuse to adequately profile. So everyone has to be put through an ordeal and possible embarrassment. It’s a dog and pony show because we are reactive. Someone sticks a bomb in their underwear so let’s look at everyone’s underwear. Someone had some explosive liquids so we can’t bring anything over the magical amount of three ounces. Somehow 2.9 ounces is fine  But 3.1? Watch out. Does anyone really feel safer because grandma was groped by a TSA agent?  You feel a lot safer walking to a gate at Ben Gurion airport. That’s for sure.

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