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Very Gaudi

December 10, 2010

As previously mentioned, the influence of architect Antoni Gaudi is all throughout Barcelona, from houses built for the wealthy, to the design of Park Güell to the famous Sagrada Familia, the basilica that was started to be built in 1882 and is still under construction.  Gaudi uses the influences of nature, color, and mosaics to build truly unique structures.  The sad thing about Gaudi is that such a large figure had such a, pardon the pun, pedestrian death as he was hit by a tram on the street.  One of his most famous building, commissioned by a wealthy couple, is known as La Pedrera, a nickname meaning “The Quarry” in Catalan because it took so freaking long to build, the neighbors hated it.  Kinda like a mini version of the Big Dig.  Technically, it is known as Casa Mil à.  You can tour some of the apartments and go on the roof.  Note, there are a lot of steps going up but you don’t realize it until once you’ve passed the elevator and regret not taking it.

View from the roof

View of Sagrada Familia from the roof
Not far from here is another famous building, Casa Battló.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go in.  But it’s pretty expensive and not as much to see as La Pedrera.

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