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The Berlin Adventure Begins

March 18, 2015

Well, it will begin next month. But the preparations are on now. It’s been my dream to live in Europe and I’m finally making that dream come true as I will be arriving in Berlin mid-April to begin my new life adventure. I have been wavering between “I can’t wait to get there” and “what the hell am I thinking?” I think the latter thought is more because of the stress of preparation in getting there. I’ve rented my place out and now am in packing hell (where did all this stuff come from?!). I’ve been taking online German lessons with a combination of Babbel and Duolingo and at least can now count to 100 and know the days of the week in German! (I know Wednesday is Mittwoch but have no idea if there is a translation for Hump Day!) It’s a start!

So I leave LA on April 3rd for a few days in the Dallas, Texas area (writing plug alert!: my play, “10/9,” won second place in a playwriting contest and the McKinney Repertory Theatre is doing a staged reading on April 4th). Then it’s on to Philly and seeing friends and family (and convincing them that Berlin is still a plane ride away, just in the other direction and it won’t be like they will never see me again!), then Berlin on the 17th.

Keep checking in as I update my progress. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

Berlin night

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