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September 14, 2010

I ordered a global sim card today, which will have a UK and a US number. Most global sim cards have Estonia numbers. Guess Estonia is the sim card capital of the world. Now we know its claim to fame.  If it ever had any fame.

Calls to the US number on all of these sims incur an additional per minute fee, so I’ll be setting up Google Voice/Calling for people from the US to call unless they want to call the UK number or it is an emergency.

Anyway, I found two companies that sell cards that include UK and US numbers for free. One is really popular, Telestial, the other, Ace Telecom, I don’t see much about online. I usually go for the one that has lots of good reviews, which Telestial has. But Ace Telecom has coverage in the Cook Islands, although the rates are expensive. I don’t plan to do much calling there, but it’s good to have for emergencies. Also, with the special Ace Telecom was running, I saved about five bucks, but also got an additional $15 airtime.  $20 savings altogether.  Every dollar counts!

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