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Score One For Mother Nature

October 23, 2010

No sooner did I write about how my first day in Sydney seemed like LA weather than that quickly changed yesterday and today.  It started out fine, some clouds, some sun, as I had planned to go back to Darling Harbour and tour some of the ships, including the replica of The Endeavour, the ship that Captain James Cook sailed on when he claimed the eastern part of Australia for Great Britain.  Some city shots along the way:

But just as I arrived at the Harbour it started pouring rain and didn’t let up.  So I ducked into the Maritime Museum, which is free (donation requested).


Captain Cook

Beer Can Boat
Of course, once I came out of the museum, it had stopped raining but was too late in the day to tour the ships.
HMAS Vampire


The fireworks show was scheduled for 8:30PM so I walked around the area some more and got some dinner.  Here are more pictures of the area around Darling Harbour:

And then the rains came down again but stopped in time for the fireworks!

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