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New Camera Has Arrived!

August 22, 2010

I have an old digital camera. One that takes those $15 dollar batteries you always have to replace. Not that I was dying to get a new camera, but awhile ago the battery cover clasp broke off and the only way to keep the compartment closed is to tape it down. Pretty ghetto. When the tape loses its adhesiveness, the door flies open and I have lost a couple of those $15 batteries when they fell out. So, I figured it was time for a new camera, one that is compact but does a decent job. I got the Canon SD1300. I really want a Canon Rebel DSLR because I have a regular Rebel SLR and several lenses. So I can use the same lenses on the digital version. But $600 is not something I want to spend right now. This seemed decent. Not bottom of the line, but economical.

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