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Jesus of Nazareth

November 20, 2010

I’ll admit my knowledge of biblical history is not as good as it should be, so what better way to brush up than to go to the source.  So I booked a day trip to Nazareth, Capharnaum, Galilee, and the Jordan River.  The first stop was Nazareth, which is more of a small city than the image the name conjures up when picturing Nazareth in Jesus’ time.


City View

Hmm…I’ll let the words speak for themselves
Hollywood’s influence is everywhere
The largest church in the Middle East, the Church (or Basilica) of the Annunciation, is here.  It is a modern church built over the site where it was announced that the Virgin Mary would give birth to Jesus.

Surrounding the church are mosaics from countries around the world 
as their interpretation of the Madonna and child

Ancient site beneath church

Section of Nazareth from the time of Jesus
The Church of Saint Joseph is next to the Basilica which was built over the original house of Saint Joseph.  

Ritual Bath found under the new church

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    What is that “Friends” sign all about? If it's not an advert for the show and is being used without the proper rights clearances, I can help them work it out with the studio. Yes, I will accept shekels. Or that sheep you never Fedexed me.

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