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October 25, 2010

The rains let up about midday yesterday, but was still windy with rain sprinking.  So I decided to check out the Sydney Jewish Museum, which was really interesting in that it chronicled the history of Judaism, the Holocaust, and Jewish life in Australia.  It seems to be a common theme here, but again the people in the museum are so nice.  They just come up to you and start explaining exhibits, give further insight, and answer questions.  Even as I was leaving, the security guard saw me looking at a map and started suggesting places to go in the area.  One place he recommended was Oxford Street, a main shopping, cafe and bar area that stretches for blocks.  Kinda Melrose Ave (LA)/South Street (Philly).  By the afternoon, it had cleared up nicely so I hung out in the area for a few hours before heading back to the loft.

Park near museum and hospital
Interesting architecture of small homes

St. Vincent’s Hospital
Sydney Jewish Museum

Oxford Street

View from cafe

First home-cooked dinner on trip

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