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Goodbye LA

April 3, 2015
Los Angeles

I had been talking about leaving LA for so long, that people stopped taking me seriously. The eye rolls and the “yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that forever.”

But it really is easier said than done. Leaving 23 years, a condo that needed to be rented, and some awesome friends behind – that’s a huge chunk of one’s life. But the time has come and it appears the stars have aligned in making it the right moment to do so.

So today, I boarded Southwest flight 1851 for Dallas at around 1PM (of course the flight was delayed!), two checked bags and two carryons in tow (and for those who know me know I travel with nothing more than a carryon so that was not easy!) and headed for the first stop on the way to Berlin – McKinney, Texas.

It was easy saying goodbye to the town of LA. It had changed over the years, and not for the better. But it was hard saying goodbye to friends I love. Thank goodness for Skype.


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