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December 3, 2010

Fresh off the Athens Ferry workers strike and that fiasco, now it’s Spain’s turn as the air traffic controllers staged a mass sickout last night, canceling flights to and from Spain. Now Spain’s military has taken over the reigns, but the flight from Athens to Madrid has been canceled.  So far, my flight to Barcelona seems to be on. On my way to the airport in a half hour. Wish me luck.

UPDATE:  Sitting at the gate. Boarding in 20 minutes. Dodged another one!

UPDATE #2:  Spoke too soon.  After sitting on the plane for an hour waiting for clearance due to the strike, they sent us back to the gate.  Say they will update us when they have more info.  I hope I make it out of here today.

UPDATE #3:  Well, the Holiday Inn near the Athens airport is kinda nice, I guess.  Hope today is the last I see of it.  *%$#! you, Spanish air controllers.

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