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European Top 5

December 18, 2010

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Europe. In general terms, it will always be my favorite destination. I thought I would rank my top 5 cities I’ve visited in Europe (since I’m in the ranking mood). It wasn’t easy because there are so many places I’ve loved visiting (Stockholm, London, etc.). But without further ado:

  1. Paris – nothing comes close. Still the best and still want to live here.
  2. Barcelona – it’s not Paris but dare I say it comes pretty close
  3. Salzburg, Austria – possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited
  4. Florence, Italy – great art, great architecture, great food, great city
  5. York, England – I’ve always found the charm of England was outside London. I was totally charmed when I visited York and it still is my favorite town in England.

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