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Day 3 – Last Full Day in the Cook Islands

October 14, 2010

For my last full day on Rarotonga, I thought I would venture into the main part of town where most of the shopping and restaurants are.  Trust me when I say if you ever come to the Cook Islands, this would probably not be your highlight of the trip.

Cook Islands is known for its black pearls and there are quite a few that sell them.  They range in pricing depending on the quality, from the most expensive being about $500 each to the bottom of the barrel deformed pearls that go for about $20-30 each.  Suffice it to say, the cheap ones do not resemble what you think of pearls in any way, shape, or form.  Other than that, lots of crap.  So I started the excursion with a…

fruit shake overlooking a lagoon and ended it with…
a Cooks beer at the famous Trader Jack’s overlooking another part of the lagoon.

For the evening, I had booked “Island Night” with several other guests at the Aroa.

It’s a dinner with native dishes, cultural information, dances and music.  It was really fascinating learning about the culture prior to the “discovery” by Captain Cook and the changes brought about by the missionaries, and eventually tourism.  I highly recommend this if you ever come here as they really put on an excellent show.

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